Welcome to the Victory Radio Network - Alaska Mission Outreach

Alaska State Flower - The Forget-Me-NotWe are a mission radio station owned by Lutheran Mission Society and operated by Bay Broadcasting. The main studio is located in Naknek, Alaska with a translator in Dillingham. If the Lord wills, two more will go up in Manokotak and Egegik this March. Our mission is to provide the entire Bristol Bay area and beyond with the best in Christian programs, music, and Bible teaching.

The Hottest Game in Town

High school basketball to rural Alaska is like salmon to a bear. They Eat It Up! It's not just a game. Basketball is one way that friends and relatives throughout these remote villages feel connected. But feeling that connectedness is easier said than done, as basketball in Alaska is a very different experience than it is elsewhere.

The initial question is, in a place where there are no roads, how do teams get from game to game? Why, by plane of course. But this in and of itself takes quite a bit of coordination.

Christian Radio Still Reaching Out

Victory Radio Network - KAKN is still spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason I say "still" is because the day is dawning soon when our ability to broadcast freely could be in jeopardy. Our beliefs are under attack from the courtrooms of Philadelphia to the threat of expulsion of prayer in the inauguration of our President. The Left "intellectuals" lost big on November 2nd and now they are in the middle of an angry meltdown.